HESI Entrance Exam – HESI A2 Math Study Guide

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Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers 0:05
Ratios and Percentages 4:39
Multiples and Least Common Multiple 8:18
Exponents and Roots 12:07
Equations and Inequalities 16:42
Similar Triangles 20:51
Linear Equations 23:53
Graphing Linear Equations 27:03
Linear Inequalities 31:59
Systems of Equations 35:10
Factors 39:55
Area and Circumference of a Circle 44:43
Area and Perimeter of a Triangle 50:15
Finding Measurements for Parts of a Circle 54:06
Proof that a Triangle is 180 Degrees 59:32
Right Triangle Word Problems 1:01:59
Volume and Surface Area of a Cube 1:06:24
Volume and Surface Area of a Pyramid 1:09:27
Volume and Surface Area of a Rectangular Solid 1:15:04
Volume and Surface Area of a Right Circular Cone 1:20:48
Volume and Surface Area of a Right Circular Cylinder 1:26:36
Volume and Surface Area of a Sphere 1:31:24
Absolute Value 1:34:41
Adding and Subtracting Decimals 1:37:35
Adding and Subtracting Fractions 1:40:04
Arithmetic Sequence 1:44:38
Associative Property 1:47:38
Calculation of a Percentage 1:52:11
Changing Constants in Graphs of Functions – Linear Functions 1:54:52
Changing Constants in Graphs of Functions – Quadratic Functions 1:58:24
Computation with Percentages 2:02:02
Converting Decimals to Fractions and Percentages 2:05:50
Converting Decimals to Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers 2:08:34
Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers 2:11:13
Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers and Decimals 2:13:07
Converting Percentages to Decimals and Fractions 2:15:58
Decimals 2:18:46
Distributive Properties 2:21:04
Dividing Decimals 2:23:18
Graphing Solutions to Linear Inequalities 2:25:57
Graphing the Inverse of a Function 2:33:20
Graphs of Functions 2:38:56
Greatest Common Factor 2:42:06
Least Common Multiple 2:44:24
Linear Equations 2:46:29
Multiplying Decimals 2:50:52
Ordering Decimals 2:54:43
Ordering Fractions 2:59:22
Order of Operations 3:02:34
Percentages 3:06:50
Proportions 3:08:16
Proportions and Percents 3:10:28
Proportions in the Real World 3:13:00
Rates and Unit Rates 3:15:10
Scientific Notation 3:17:59
Solutions of a Quadratic Equation on a Graph 3:23:21
Solving Equation Using Addition and Subtraction 3:25:58
Solving Equation Using Four Basic Operations 3:28:54
Theoretical and Experimental Probability 3:33:20
Using a Graph 3:36:50
Word Problems and Addition 3:40:09
Word Problems and Division 3:42:12
Word Problems and Multiplication 3:45:28
Word Problems and Subtraction 3:49:18
Multiples 3:51:21
Multiplying and Dividing Fractions 3:53:49
3D Geometric Shapes 3:57:18
Angles 3:58:57
Unit Circles and Standard Position 4:01:20

This HESI A2 Math Study Guide has multiple areas that you need to study for the HESI A2 exam included. We also have many other study resources available.

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