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Japanese giant Gundam robot shows off its moves – CNN

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Posted on: September 26, 2020
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“This decision was made to ensure the health and safety of our fans and employees in response to the worldwide spread of COVID-19,” the company that operates the site said in a statement.
“We apologize to all of our fans who were looking forward to our grand opening and ask for your understanding.”
The team expects to open the factory “within the year,” and details will be announced on the company’s website.
Anime came about in the early 1900s when Japanese artists like Oten Shimokawa began experimenting through trial and error to create short animated films.
But back then, animations were costly to produce and works from Japan were overshadowed by Disney’s success.
During World War II, the genre expanded as Japan’s military government ordered animators to create propaganda films to influence the masses.
More recently, commercial hits like “Pok√©mon” and “Dragon Ball Z,” have brought anime to audiences around the world.

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