Bitcoin: From Binary to Gold – Your Cryptocurrency Guide from Poor to Rich

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Bitcoin became a overnight buzz. It pops up in several news headline and fuels countless media debate on its sustainability while speculating its potential growth. With this new type of Cryptocurrency, you can use it to purchase penny item from coffees to high ticket item like car but few people seem to truly understand the subject on Bitcoin.

In Bitcoin – From Binary code to gold, your Cryptocurrency guide from poor to rich. Award winning gamer Howard J Cote aims to empower his reader the essential information behind this cryptocurrency. He believes such cryptocurrency had already started a revolution within the financial industry and into our social structures while bringing the world’s billions of untraceable individuals into our global economy. Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency represent a new legacy and banking medium where there is no middlemen while strongly safeguarded within the realm of Bitcoin anonymous network – Totally un-traceable, Un-detectable by any Government or financial institution. Simply said, you could have multiple online and offshore accounts within the network while becoming while no one will know about your identity.
In this book, we will answer all the fundamentals knowledge of Bitcoin and this include; • How bitcoin framework created and how Bitcoin really works • Bitcoin node types and their roles • Current Bitcoin market • How to trade, buy and sell Bitcoin • How Bitcoin exchange operates • Bitcoin wallets type and its function • Bitcoin private key • Bitcoin mining theory and its practical approach • Real world use of Bitcoin • Cryptocurrency technology and its future • And much more..

Bitcoin will represent the future of money into endless markets. This book will be your guide to future money. Read and empower yourself on this subject today.


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