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The NEW 6th edition of Calculus blends the best aspects of calculus reform along with the goals and methodology of traditional calculus. The format of this text is enhanced, but is not dominated by new technology. Its innovative presentation includes: Conceptual Understanding through Verbalization Mathematical Communication Cooperative Learning Group Research Projects Integration of Technology Greater Text Visualization Supplementary Materials Calculus features: Interactive art -Many pieces of art in the book link online to dynamic art to illustrate such topics as limits, slopes, areas, and direction fields An early presentation of transcendental functions: Logarithms, exponential functions, and trigonometric functions Differential equations in a natural and reasonable way Utilization of the humanness of mathematics Precalculus mathematics being taught at most colleges and universities correctly reflected Think Tank problems to prove the proposition true or to find a counterexample to disprove the proposition Exploration Problems that go beyond the category of counterexample problem to provide opportunities for innovative thinking Journal Problems have been reprinted from leading mathematics journals in an effort to show that “mathematicians work problems too” Modeling Problems requires the reader to make assumptions about the real world in order to come up with the necessary formula or information to answer the question A student solutions manual, instructor’s manual, and accompanying website