Common Core Math Workbook, Grade 4: Free Response, Daily Math Practice Grade 4


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This book is your comprehensive workbook for Daily Math Practice Grade 4 (Common Core Math).

By practicing and mastering this entire workbook, your child will become very familiar and comfortable with the state math exam and common core standards. This Daily Math Practice Grade 4 (Free Response) includes:

• 20 Weeks of Daily Free Response Practice

• Weekly Assessments

• State Aligned Common Core Curriculum

• End of Year Assessment

• Detailed Video Answer Explanations to all questions in the workbook

For practice with Multiple Choice questions, be sure to check out Part I of our workbook titled:

Common Core Math Workbook, Grade 4: Multiple Choice, Daily Math Practice Grade 4

Each question is labeled with the specific common core standard so both parents and teachers can use this workbook for their student(s). This workbook takes the Common Core State Standards and divides them up among 20 weeks. By working on these problems on a daily basis, students will be able to (1) find any deficiencies in their understanding and/or practice of math and (2) have small successes each day that will build competence and confidence in their abilities.

We know the common core can be challenging. For that reason we have decided to provide detailed video explanations to each math question. If your child is having trouble with any questions, you can easily access our video explanations where an instructor will show the student how to get the correct answer.

We strongly recommend watching the videos as it will reinforce the fundamental concepts. Please note, scrap paper may be necessary while using this workbook so that the student has sufficient space to show their work.


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