E-Z Pre-Algebra (Barron’s E-Z Series)

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This new title in Barron’s E-Z Series contains everything students need to prepare themselves for an algebra class. Separate chapters focus on fractions, integers, ratios, proportions, expressions, equations, inequalities, graphing, statistics and probability basics, word problems, and more. Review questions and chapter reviews all have answers. The fast-growing E-Z Series presents new, updated, and improved versions of Barron’s longtime popular Easy Way books. New cover designs, new interior layouts, and more graphic material than ever make these books ideal as self-teaching manuals. Teachers have discovered that E-Z titles also make excellent supplements to classroom textbooks. Skill levels range between senior high school and college-101 standards. All titles present detailed reviews of the target subject plus short quizzes and longer tests to help students assess their learning progress. All exercises and tests come with answers.


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