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  • PARENT:  Tips to help kids with math homework
  • TEACHER:  Mentoring, Coaching, Tutoring Jobs
  • STUDENT: Role models, Mentors, Math buddies, Career information, Summer Internships, College financing, Exam study tips, Real world math applications [/cws_sc_fa]
  • Chat Rooms

    • STUDENT may post 4 math problems per month in the Chat Rooms 
    • Guaranteed:  Experts will help STUDENT solve 4 math problems per month

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    • Bonus service!
    • STUDENT may post as many math problems as he/she desires in this section.
    • This is where we encourage STUDENTS to help each other solve math problems.  
    • For example, a 12th grader may wish to help a 5th grader solve a math problem in this section.
    • Practice makes perfect!

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