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Summer Camp STEM, Robotics, Science for Kids | Idea Lab Kids

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Posted on: October 4, 2020
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Gift your kids key academic skills through hands-on, STEAM-based education. At IDEA Lab Kids, we use innovative ways to educate kids on pragmatic approaches to problem-solving and critical thinking. While we have evolved as a powerful proactive education institute, we went a step further and partnered with franchise owners for a win-win commercial relationship.

We have now launched a unique opportunity for interested franchisees to associate with us on our strategically designed education franchise model — a model that has been curated to offer our franchisees the best returns while meaningfully contributing towards setting up a versatile education system for kids.

At IDEA Lab Kids, the objective is to help kids receive a practically-oriented education while firming up their theoretical know-how. We innovate and let our franchises carry forward this education tradition. Support the kids in your locality and region to receive an education that offers multifaceted skills through our results-oriented franchise model, encouraging them to discover their innate interests and talents in different fields of education including science, 3D design, coding, spaceship engineering, augmented reality (AR), performing/visual arts, and culinary arts.

Become the preferred franchise partner of IDEA Lab Kids to let kids of all ages learn life skills like confidence building, creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving using out-of-the-box educational techniques.

Why become a franchisee of IDEA Lab Kids?

Our e-STEAM-ed franchises,

To our valued franchises, we offer training and education support throughout for seamless operations.

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