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What are the Best Jobs for a Math Major on Wall Street?

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Posted on: March 7, 2021
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Math majors are known for being the best in the nation for the financial services profession. This is why there has been a need for years to find out what are the best jobs for a math major on Wall Street. This is an extensive list which is updated regularly. Some of these high-paying jobs can take years to get. You can also look on the internet. There are many websites which compile information on various Wall Street jobs suitable for math majors. The math major can get jobs ranging from the entry level to the highest paid professions in trading, M&A, financial analysis, quantitative analyst, etc.



Math majors can get the following Wall Street jobs:

1. Stock Trader 

2. Bond Trader

3. Options Trader 

4. Financial Analyst

5.  Quantitative Analyst

There are many many other Wall Street jobs that are not listed here that can be done by any Math Major. These are just some of the more common ones.