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Posted on: March 24, 2015
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My name is Iris Mack. I grew up in New Orleans. With lots of hard work and support, I earned a Harvard doctorate in Applied Mathematics and a Sloan Fellowship Executive MBA from the London Business School.  I have had the opportunity to work at various energy and financial institutions, act as a faculty member at MIT, and work at NASA and AT&T Bell Labs – where I earned a patent on optical fibers.  A bit more about me and my work may be found on my Amazon’s Author page and the About Us page.

As we all know, many students struggle with math and may need some extra support. Unfortunately they may not be able to afford extra math help or it may not be readily available. Hence, their obstacles in learning mathematics grow more insurmountable with each successive year.  Poor understanding of math prevents many students from pursuing their dream careers and also impairs other crucial skills.

In 2007 I created the mathematics edutainment social network to help students overcome math anxiety and gain confidence. I wanted to help change negative stereotypes about math to show that it can be empowering and fun.  My social network  received the following national recognition:

To evolve further, I revamped the entire website, resulting in a new and improved site:  MathQED (  MathQED is more than a tutoring website.  At MathQED students, parents and teachers alike contribute to make math interesting and FUN!

Math is made less intimidating on MathQED – with the help of older students who have been there and done that!  Affordable tutors are available on MathQED for one-on-one math help.  Also, parents are taught to teach their loved ones more effectively.  With this reduced level of stress paired with proper guidance, students can actually enjoy completing their math homework and studying for exams.